These student-centered, project based educational experiences ask students to explore their identity and the world around them for meaningful self-expression and investigation of selfhood. Participants are guided to connect to their passions in life, the realities in which they exist, and the challenges they face in life. These conceptually driven workshops and classes utilize the mediums of writing, photography, film, movement, dance, and acting depending on the scope of the project.   All of these classes can be modified for primary and secondary school levels, adult classes, and private instruction.   


Creative Movement and the Camera

This class explores the relationship between physical movement, photography and video. Students are asked to reimagine the typical relationship between the shooter and the subject. Play, collaboration, and experimentation are encouraged to help students find the "sweet spot" of creativity. Concepts of perspective, movement, and performance are central themes explored in this work. Equipment such as smart phones, on-line software, cameras, and computers can be used and modified depending on the resources available. 


Book of Dreams-Visual Storytelling

The goal of this class is to guide students to investigate the things they love to do in life through creative writing, auto-biographical writing, image investigation, and photography. Students can use the mediums of drawing, found images, on-line images and photography to communiate their story. The final product is a  book or gallery presentation of images that communicate the the student's ideas about their lives and stories. 


Photography and Film Classes

In Amanda's photography and film classes, focus is given to the structure of visual storytelling through the mediums of portrait photography and narrative film. The classes are firmly rooted in teaching fundamental technical skills and important elements of composition to enable students to fully realize their ideas and concepts. Amanda uses whatever equipment and software is available including smart phones and google drive account to make this class accessible to everyone.